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We test for Heavy Metals and other contaminants around your home, school, workspace or playground through affordable testing designed for the public from the ground up.

We test Water, Soil, Dust, Food, Supplements & Meds along with Human and Animal hair.

Results are richly visualised, sharable and deeply annotated with actionable information.

Our Lab is part of the Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia and is a world-class state-of-the-art NATA certified Australian Laboratory in many of the analyses we do.

Order Forms for our most important & popular Tests & Analyses
NEW - Food/supplements/Medications Order Forms. Includes dry foods like protein powders or baby formulas, tea leaves, ground coffee, salt, flour, crushed Supplement / Medication tablet or capsule contents or crushed dry human or animal food like rice, soybeans or dehydrated chicken. And wet foods like a raw egg.

Testing Water, Soil, Dust and Hair for Environmental Chemicals, especially Heavy Metals

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Key Features and Health Benefits
  • Strong focus on Human Health
    A Water Result & Visualisation Example

    While we present results based on Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG), we also use precautionary guidelines, which are often more sensitive than ADWG. Additionally, background levels of elements in water are also compared to. These show levels of an element like Lead (Pb) for instance, in water, that is a more natural level i.e. before man-made contamination. This significantly pushes a result interpretation in a direction of prioritising human (and animal) health.

  • Affordable Testing for the Public
    Heavy Metals, Pesticides, PFAS/PFOS in Water

    Toxtest has been created from the ground up to support and benefit the general public and cut through red tape when it comes to testing our water and soil and indeed ourselves.

  • New Tests added
    Nitrate/Phosphate in Water

    Here is an example test result for Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate and Ammonia. Included is extensive background information on these chemicals; Blue baby syndrome (Methaemoglobinaemia) and Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria blooms and intracellular toxins like Microcystins) are discussed in context to excess Nitrates and Phosphates in the water.

  • Full Support Available
    Support, About Us & Contact Info

    Contact Toxtest & Toxno founder, Hartmut Michael Günther directly. We also have extensive support linked to each test - see hair test support page as an example

  • Testing reveals low-dose chronic exposure
    Evidence based Hair Testing Visualisation

    We are the only Laboratory in Australia actually analysing human and animal hair (also called Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA). Metals, heavy metals and minerals (32 in total) are analysed with result presented in a way that is transparent, innovative and health focussed. Cost is under $100. See the Hair Test Support FAQs for eye-opening details

Many of us have little idea about what we are exposed to and the health consequences that ensure. Testing removes uncertainty and opens solutions. Corporations with vested economic interests and governments chanting the mantra of "economy above all" often downplay the real health issues from small but consistant and cumulative chemical exposures. Poison the water, spray the food, kill the insects, burn the trees and coal and ignore the climate.

World Class Laboratory
Affordable Tests

Toxtest collaborates with Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL), a NATA certified laboratory and devision of Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Result presentation is visually rich, informative and prioritises human health.

In the spirit of transparency, interactivity, disseminating new research and constant innovation, all results are de-identified and presented online. Live Links embedded within results, link to our sister site, Toxno, providing extensive exposure route and health information for all chemicals tested.

water testing toxtest
State-of-the-art PerkinElmer ICP Mass Spectrometry equipment can measure elements with low and high concentrations – in the same sample. This extends the dynamic range up to 12 orders of magnitude with detection levels down to at least part per billion and beyond.
Rationale for Prioritising Tests

We test many mediums like water, soil, dust, human and animal hair, food, plants and soon medications and supplements. And we test and look for many known substances and toxic chemicals like PFAS/PFOS, pesticides, nitrates, phosphates, chlorine, fluoride, blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria), Ecoli bacteria and more.

However, a core theme that runs through all the mediums we interact with in daily life is that they are made up entirely of only 118 elements. Some of these elements are essential human nutrients like Calcium and Magnesium while others are toxic like Arsenic and Lead and still others can be radioactive like Uranium and Thorium. These elements are the building blocks of the entire Earth and indeed our human body and they are the lowest common denominator - they can't be broken down any further.

As such we have chosen 32 of these elements to feature as a core test and theme across all mediums we interact with daily. Core 32 metal order forms are at end of this page. This is informed by the rationale that some of these elements, also called metals, metalloids and minerals are on the one hand necessary while on the other hand some are toxic.

Unfortunately we can be increasingly and unknowingly exposed to the toxic metals like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury. Each geographical location and community is different and often resultant health consequences are worse for expectant mothers and young children. The WHO lists these four metals in the top ten of the chemicals currently of most concern on the planet. And we test for them as part of the 32 elements in our core tests.

water testing toxtest
How Toxtest is organised

Every medium we test - water, soil, dust, human and animal hair - has or soon will have, its own page. Every page has details of the tests available, the relevant order forms and which elements/substances are tested. And every test has visualised results unique to the test. A few example pages follow and more in menu at top. Core 32 metal order forms are at end of this page. And example results are opposite.

Support Details

Owner: Hartmut Michael Günther
Support from OS: (+61) 4 39 54 7788
Support in OZ: 0439 54 7788
Business Name: Toxtest
Australia ABN: 58 845 464 564
Address: PO Box U71, Upper Burnie, Tasmania, 7320 Australia
FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123
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Graham Lancaster
EAL Managing Director

water testing toxtest

Hartmut Günther
Toxtest and Toxno Founder & Owner

water testing toxtest
water testing toxtest

All sampling & delivery instructions are on the order forms on this site.
Samples are sent to -
Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL)
Ground floor, N Block, Military Road

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water testing toxtest

Toxtest acknowledges First Nation Australians as having deep knowledge of this land and its water and a profound wisdom borne of thousands of years of living in harmony with the landscape and its animals. May we learn from you before we stuff it up completely.

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Exampels of what Toxtest Dust, Soil, Water and Hair analyses look like...

DUST Analysis Results

Here are some of the latest examples, revealing what results look like.

SOIL Analysis Results


Human Hair Results

Here are some of the latest examples, revealing what results look like.

Example Water Results

Here are some of the latest examples, revealing what results look like.

Every result has health and exposure information for each of the 32 Metals and Minerals tested. Here are examples of six of these
Captured Light on clear
running creek on
Mt Tamborine, QLD
Photo by Hartmut Günther

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water testing toxtest

Human & Environmental Chemical Testing for the Public. Innovative Result Visualisation with emphasis on Human Health

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